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“So, this is her debut album?” – Somehow I responded when I learned that “MINT” was actually the first one own record of Alice Merton is. And I’m certainly not the only one. After all, in the last one and a half years, and especially in the summer of 2017, the singer and her songs have barely passed the singer-especially the hit “No Roots”, which was certainly one of the most-played songs of the year before last. After an EP and a few singles, the album debut of the young woman, with which the German-Canadian shows that she is definitely more than just a one-hit-wonder, finally appears.

Immediately From the first second on, the record also sounds 100% like Alice Merton: characteristic guitars in the intro, a catchy melody and the unmistakable voice of the singer create a very special and unique mood from the very first song and manage to immediately carry the listener along. But the following songs have it all. For example, the atmospheric and emotional number “2 Kids”, the groovy pop song “I Do not Hold A Grudge” or the slightly rockier up-tempo track “Lash Out” immediately catch the ear and are pretty persistent while the hit “No Roots” on the record should not be missed, of course.

Overall, “MINT” proves to be a flawless pop album with slight influences towards RnB, Rock, Indie or Soul, which, however, is by no means arbitrary or boring. Among other things, experimental passages and varied songs in terms of tempo, rhythm and accompaniment contribute to this. Still, you just have to admit that the faster, poppier numbers Alice stand much better and stand out more than quieter songs like “Speak Your Mind” or “Honeymoon Heartbreak”. The gritty tracks “Trouble in Paradise” and “Why So Serious” round off the album perfectly.

Even though their songs all follow a certain pattern and are very similar in structure, Alice Merton creates to deliver a fresh and catchy pop record – all on their own label. Whether she ever manages to repeat her “No Roots” success – or to get rid of this one hit wonder stamp – is questionable, but that does not make her music any worse.

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