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Anna Loos is not so easy. The 48-year-old from Brandenburg is probably 50% actress, 50% singer and still not everyone a term. Since you play for over 20 years in countless crime scene episodes from the ass, but always remains the wife of Jan-Josef Liefers. Something similar in the music: 12 years the new singer of the band Silly, each of the three albums went Top 5, a single even Top 20 and still one is with the old fans of the band always “the bad substitute for Tamara Danz”. That this would be too much of a good thing at some point was foreseeable. Since the end of 2018 so is the end with Silly. Certainly the best idea, just after the last album resembled a musical idle. So, off to new fields!

With “Toolbox”, the first solo album is on the shelves to match the early spring. A title that may not sound like a female debut at first, but we do not want to change. Instead, the cover looks anything but spring. In gray and white tones, the portrait of Mrs. Loos does not seem to be very beneficial, rather spooky and aging. But: never judge a book by its cover! Again, this motto is quite appropriate, because the content has surprisingly much to offer.

On 12 song titles, Anna Loos presents herself on the one hand personally, but on the other hand also socially. An album that constantly alternates between an “I” and a “we” who are more often talked about repairing something bad, helping each other to arrive – a social record that is the current trend, only themselves

Musically, the Dozen delivers a nice range of pop-rock songs that are a bit louder, softer, incorporate a few electronic gadgetry and little to no to bore. The bike will not be reinvented, but it does not have to. In the end, the focus is much more on the lyrics, which bring with them several excellent observations.

“Your center”, “toolbox” and “broken” are all concerned with not wanting to give up and try, to move yourself or the partner back into the train in a relationship. “Paris” and “Real and Forever” tell stories of companions, just the last-mentioned title builds a tolerance bridge with its current, yet courageous theme that looks authentic. The two openings “Startschuss” and “Here” are textually a little in contrast, but also make it clear an inner turmoil – both wegwill want, but not where everyone is already, as somehow be satisfied with his current situation

Highlights are clearly the title song, which presents German pop in a class of its own both in the melody and in its text. No miserably deathly platitudes, instead adult topics that just do not speak to everyone immediately from the heart, but exactly those who have already experienced it: “And even I feel sorry for my self-pity and also my lovesick cares no ‘is still not over, cracks can be repaired, I have a toolbox here – come back home! “. Goose bumps. The same applies to the unkitterige confession of love in “Like the first time”. Another positive example: “I navigate you in your midst, I lead you back up, back to you!” (“Your middle”). Only numbers that bring a touch too little substance: “Paris” and “If you look for me”. Splashing both over. But that is to get over.

Anna Loos blows up the silly chains, but still does not sound completely new or different, but thanks to its clear sound it has an almost entirely successful, sophisticated and yet easily digestible solo record delivered. Of course, she did not do it all on her own, but that does not have to be. See, with the right songwriters, it works. Congratulation!

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