Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Like a never-ending spiral, headlines revolved around vocalist Ariana Grande over the last six months and uncovered one alleged scandal after another. Headlines about the terrorist attack in Manchester, about Ariana’s engagement and the very quick resolution of this. The death of her ex-boyfriend – whom you also kindly wanted to attach and the one or other failed tattoo. Away from the music world, Ariana Grande was allowed to listen to a lot and process all of this in her own way: with a new album. After their album “Sweetener” was released in August of last year, “thank u, next” not only represents the direct successor, but also the fifth album Arianas in just four and a half years.

Impressed from the outset ” thank u, next “directly that it does not contain a single feature. If the previous albums were still packed with features of permanent guests such as Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams or Lil Wayne, Ariana completely renounces these. And that is really refreshing! The singer also presents herself in a much simpler garb, less bass, less R’n’B – more pop and more vocal qualities. This benefits every single track, sounds a lot more pleasant and proves that it does not always have to be overly pompous. Above all, tracks like “needy” once again prove the talent Ariana Grandes with their quiet tone. Her voice unfolds significantly better, has a much higher emotional bandwidth and rounds off the songs.

Unlike “Sweetener”, the tracks turn out to be much darker and gloomier. They also have more depth, bringing Ariana’s personality to light. A fact that was just not possible with songs like “One Last Time”, “Problem” or “God Is a Woman”. The singer seems to have made a significant step in her self-discovery phase with “thank u, next”. The songs sound less interchangeable, the sound as for Ariana. “NASA”, for example, carries one hundred percent of the stamp Ariana Grande. In general, the choice of topics clearly shows how much Ariana had to deal with. The first single “thank u, next”, in which she processes her relationships, shows this most clearly.

Despite all the newly gained depth, “thank u, next” does not have any songs that really stand out , The album is much more coherent, but songs like “break up with you girlfriend” still leave many questions unanswered. Ariana presents herself clearly more adult and on the right path towards her own style. In contrast to the sound on her predecessor album “Sweetener” she experiments less, which is quite pleasant. Vocally, she continues to convince, shows on “thank u, next” a much higher emotional range and perhaps for the first time something like credibility. Her voice still has the usual supporting tone that one either likes or does not like. “Thank u, next” is arguably the best album Ariana Grandes – but still leaves much room for improvement!

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