Au / Ra, Tribulation, Emmelie de Forest, James Bay, Marshmello and Anne Marie, Mykki Blanco – Weekly Review Week 6 2018 Weekly Review Number 1!

Helau, Alaaf or “Go away with the shit” – on carnival this week nobody came over completely! Of course we kept our eyes and ears open between confetti and Kölsch songs, so as not to miss the most important news of the week:

Au / Ra – Panic Room

At the age of fifteen, Au / Ra has already been able to celebrate successes that some people can only dream of. Through songs like “Outsiders” or “Concrete Jungle”, the singer has attracted attention since last year and has even been compared to stars like Lana del Rey. Also on her new single “Panic Room” the talent Au / Ra’s can hardly hide. A strong voice, which is incredibly charismatic and expressive, combines with well-chosen lyrics. Although “Panic Room” may be the darkest song in their repertoire to date, it definitely sounds good. (Alina)

Tribulation – Babel Tower and Album Announcement

There was a lot going on in Tribal House this week! Two years after the debut album “Harieschaim” and various collaborations with other artists, the best known probably with Casper in the song “Keine Angst”, Max Gruber announced on Monday his second album. The work called “Zores” will be released on April 27th. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday followed directly each a teaser video for the first single release. And since tribulation is always good for a surprise, the teasers were not spoken by anyone. Instead, text passages by Max Raabe, Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic) and the Lochis were presented. On Friday, the single “Turmbau zu Babel” finally got the light of day. German-speaking (in the past there were mostly English texts) and sounding strongly to the doctors makes them curious about the new album! (Andrea)

Emmelie de Forest – History

Five years ago, Emmelie de Forest won the 58th Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Only Teardrops”. Having become a bit calmer for the Danish over the last few years, she has now released her second studio album “History”. On this she shows that meanwhile she has found her own style and has gained a lot of musical experiences since her victory. The songs sound more mature, more harmonious and go well with the singer’s warm voice. Emmelie de Forest remains faithful to the pop genre, also agrees once calmer tones and manages to make the songs seem diverse and harmonious at the same time. Especially the first single “Sanctuary” stays in the ear! (Alina)

James Bay – Wild Love

“Chaos And The Calm”, an album that made James Bay’s breakthrough in 2015. The guy with the soulful voice, the hat and the long hair sang with songs like “Let It Go” or “Hold Back The River” in the hearts of his fans. With “Wild Love” released James Bay now the harbinger for album number two, including some changes. The hair is off, the hat disappeared – only the soulful, fantastic voice remains. Wild Love turns out to be a quiet, very pleasant song, but the certain something is missing. Only after repeated listening to the song remains in the head, which makes the song but in no case bad. Unlike previous songs, James Bay has tried a new sound on “Will Love”, experimenting more with the music. It will be interesting to see how this will affect his next album and what we will hear from James Bay in the future. (Alina)

Marshmello & Anne Marie – Friends

After the success of the song “Alarm” in 2016, British singer Anne Marie and music producer release Marshmello for the second time a common track. After “Alarm” from 2016, it is now up to “Friends” to build on the success of its predecessor. Last year, Anne Marie was already on the charts with songs like “Ciao Adios” or “Heavy”. Also “Friends” builds on the casual, party-suited style of their previous singles. A catchy pop song, with good beats and a message that clearly screams for Friendzone! (Alina)

Mykki Blanco Discrimination

Rapper Mykki Blanco is one of the few openly HIV positive artists , For the amfAR campaign he became an advertising face in order to draw attention to this still important topic. As every year, the big amfAR gala has been rising this week. Like every year, high society meets to do something good at least once a year. All there. Except Mykki Blanco! In the social networks, the musician rebuked himself that he was not invited as a commercial face, while HIV advertising such as singer Halsey appear, but were also allowed to make speeches. The road to a truly open approach to HIV + seems to be very long. We hope that such a double standard does not end in high-society hustle and bustle and injustice is heard! (Julia)

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