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Twenty One Pilots, Lanxess Arena Cologne, 25.02.2019

Twenty One Pilots, Lanxess Arena Koeln, 25.02.2019

The curtain falls. A masked man stands with his fist raised on the edge of the stage. A large, neon yellow X perches on his chest. In his hand he holds a burning torch. He steps solemnly back a few steps, hands the burning staff to an anonymous third person, sits down to the drums. Next to him, a car drives off the ground. On the roof of the vehicle is a second person. She is wearing a bass guitar around her neck. The masked man steps forward in the direction of the microphone. Let the Read More

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Plate Crash: Rose Pride – Heart

Rose Pride Heart

Episode 28 of our popular record crash. At Rosenstolz the ghosts divorced. Even in the team opinions could hardly be further apart. For Christopher, the band has a very personal meaning – Anna was able to let out all her frustration on her namesake AnNa R. and Peter Plate. An entertaining contrast. Curtain up for “heart”!

Christopher chooses emotional words:

How do you write a record review about your favorite band? Difficult. I have now Read More

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A World Record Attempt: The Biggest 90s Live Party Ever at the End of March in Gelsenkirchen

90s live VB

For a long time, the 90s were musically a decade that is better not talked about should. It took until the end of the 00s – and then they came out of the ground: the 90s parties in all clubs. At the beginning still as a scene tip, now absolute standard. No party without a few classics from the penultimate decade. For some years, the whole thing is still celebrated live! Who does not want to hear the songs of the cult artists and go out with thousands of like-minded people ?! Even if some Read More

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Mayday Parade, Luxor Cologne, 25.02.2019

Mayday Parade 2019 Luxor

Mayday Parade know most Emofans through their debut album “A Lesson in Romantics” (2007). Hits like “Miserable at Best” or “Jamie All Over” still inspire enough people to complete Cologne’s Luxor. Also, the support of the scene newcomer Movements might have caused one or the other viewers of this evening.

During the set of Movements, especially new attention was paid. When asked who had never heard of the band, more than half of those present reported. The band played seven songs Read More

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Weezer – Weezer (Black Album)

Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)

In the spring of 2016, Rivers Cuomo announces with a loose tongue that his band Weezer is heading to the recent published surf rock album “Weezer (White Album)” an opposing work, which is to carry the title “Weezer (Black Album)”, wants to follow. This should be much darker than his summer feeling spewing predecessor, yes Coumo even wants to curse, what you are waiting in vain in the eleven Weezer albums so far. However, your own plan does not seem to go so far, so in October 2017 the cheerful Read More

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Tom Walker – What A Time To Be Alive

Finally! It took a long time to be patient, eager to wait and pass the time. Almost two years ago, Tom Walker released his song “Leave A Light On”, celebrating an intoxicating success. In 2018 he was acted by the BBC as Newcomer of the Year, released with the singles “Just You And I” and “Angels” more great songs and recently got his first BRIT Award. “What A Time To Be Alive” is now called his debut album and fully meets all of the accumulated expectations.

On fourteen songs, Read More

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Jason Mraz, Palladium Cologne, 02.03.2019

Jason Mraz Cologne

At point 20h there is the 2.3. The first surprise in the palladium: Jason Mraz enters the stage! Smartphone in hand, camera aimed at the audience and the first cheer goes off. The main act before support? What is going on there? In a very likeable way, the 41-year-old from Virginia welcomes the sold out Halle in Cologne and moderates his opening act himself. That gives a lot of positive points in the B-note.

Berge is the name of the opening band. A singer / songwriter Read More

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Anna Loos – Toolbox

Anna Loos Toolbox

Anna Loos is not so easy. The 48-year-old from Brandenburg is probably 50% actress, 50% singer and still not everyone a term. Since you play for over 20 years in countless crime scene episodes from the ass, but always remains the wife of Jan-Josef Liefers. Something similar in the music: 12 years the new singer of the band Silly, each of the three albums went Top 5, a single even Top 20 and still one is with the old fans of the band always “the bad substitute for Tamara Read More

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Boston Manor, Palladium Cologne, 05.02.2019

When a pop-punk band plays a concert in Cologne, they often meet in the audience the usual suspects. On 05.02.2019, however, only very few pop-punk fans decided on the show of Boston Manor in the Palladium, because in neighboring Club Volta there was strong competition from the friendly The Wonder Years . Also our editor Luis – like many others – decided on the rival event (you can find his report here). That was not so much the respective bands, but Read More

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LEA goes “between my lines” – Tour

Only last year, LEA delighted its fans with a long tour throughout Germany. With songs like “quieter” or “Where do you want to go?” She made great concert evenings. The last year was crowned by the release of their second studio album “Between My Lines”. On this you can look forward to very honest, authentic and harmonious songs that go in the ear and so fast not want to get out again. LEA is able to create soulful and multi-faceted music.

With this album in her baggage the singer Read More

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