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In 1996 the Backstreet Boys climbed the top of the charts in Germany for the first time with the song “Quit playin ‘games with my heart” , Formed in 1993 by Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson, the band is still one of the most successful boy bands in the world. Tracks like “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “I Want It That Way” or “Shape Of My Heart” have long since achieved cult status and have become indispensable in the reportage of a good playlist. After the Backstreet Boys released their last album in 2013 with “In A World Like This”, they are now back – barely six years later with their ninth studio album “DNA”.

The Backstreet Boys have grown older, this you can hardly overlook or overlook. They are no longer the boys next door, but family fathers who have not lost their charm. Especially their voices seem much more mature and technically adept. Especially beautiful is still the harmony of the five, which sounds just brilliant together.
It may therefore hardly be a surprise that the sound of the album is well-known poppy and absolutely hit heavy. The guys definitely do not reinvent themselves on “DNA”, but do not copy any old hits. They stay true to their style, pick up exactly where they left off, making every fan heart beat faster. Electrobeats and R’n’B Parts have been added, which is why the songs keep up with the zeitgeist of modern pop. If you miss the usual poppy 90’s vibes, you can also get their money’s worth on “DNA”. Already the pre-singles “Do not Go Breaking My Heart”, “Chances” and “No Place” showed a great diversity that permeates the entire long player.

From a vocal perspective, “DNA” delivers exactly that, what to expect from the Backstreet Boys. Each of the five members has a unique voice for itself, which, paired with the other voices, can convince even more. Even after 25 years of band history, you can clearly see that they are still there with a lot of fun. In particular, one should emphasize at this point the voice of Brian, who was not able to use his voice for a long time thanks to an illness as it used to. On “DNA” he seems to have finally found this again and excited just at high pitch. Again, you also notice that the Backstreet Boys sound five times better than four, as they had to occur from 2006 to 2012 through the departure Kevin. The album’s twelve songs are also incredibly catchy, ballads like “Nobody Else” are very soulful and tracks like “Do not Go Breaking My Heart” are more than danceable.

In over 25 years of band history, Howie, Kevin, Nick, Brian and AJ went through a lot. From drug and alcohol withdrawals, exits and solo careers was basically everything and yet the band still exists. “DNA” is a completely successful album and celebrates said long band history once more. The guys are much older and mature, which does not detract from their sound. The fans are probably more grown-up and the album will hardly attract new fans, but this does not seem to be the meaning behind “DNA”.

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