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Interview with Leoniden about “Again” – Part 1!

Leoniden Interview Again 2018 by ConstantinTimm

“Leonids? Never heard of! “- so many music-loving people reacted at the beginning of last year, when the little-minded early ghosts reported joyfully about their new sweetheart. No wonder – at that time, the indie band, which is now on everyone’s lips and is served by talk show to talk show, not even released their debut album. Towards the end of the following year 2018 you can now draw a completely different balance. Hardly any German music act is currently being celebrated, praised and Read More

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Interview with Leoniden about “Again” – Part 2!

Leoniden Interview 2018

The title of Germany’s most diligent and perfectionist band is no longer needed Since the Leonids from Kiel came into the field of view of the national indie scene in 2017 – there is hardly any need for discussion about the fact that the five members are putting everything into their bands right down to the last detail and discussing every last detail in their own planning. There are 140 shows in two years, regardless of the scale, of which you always have your own lighting and sound engineer, Read More

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Interview with Laing about “Fotogena” and the current tour

Laing Interview

With “Fotogena” there is already album no. 3 of the Berlin band Laing in the starting blocks. For over five years, Laing is one of the only full-fledged bands – ok, except for the drummer on tour – and always for little indie pop hits (check out our critique on the last album HERE). We met Marisa, Nicola, Johanna and Josefine (in the photo from left to right) for you in Cologne before their last gig (HERE our report on the concert) in 2018 – in a small, Read More

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Interview with KYTES about “Frisbee”

For the last 1.5 years it was pretty quiet around the Munich indie pop band KYTES. We met with them before their tour start in Cologne and asked what they have been doing lately and what we can hope for from the EP “Frisbee”, which will be released in January. How are you?

Tim: Very well. We were very busy right now. Arrive here, quickly soundcheck, build everything, briefly eat something, then interview. But we have not Read More

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Interview with AnnenMayKantereit about “Drop Shadow” – Part 1!

Annenmaykantereit Interview Schlagschatten 2018 Part 1

It’s a dull autumn morning near the center of Cologne in late October. In a hip hostel in their homeland, AnnenMayKantereit, probably the pop starters of recent years, face the intrusive questions of snarling journalists. The most sympathetic band has spent the first three quarters of the year completing their second major album, “Drop Shadow,” which will see the light of day in early December. Now, drummers Severin Kantereit and bassist Malte Huck sit in strange conference rooms on ropes Read More

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Interview with AnnenMayKantereit about “Drop Shadow” – Part 2!

Annenmaykantereit Interview Shadow Part 2 2018

It must have been sometime in the middle of this year when the Cologne pop rockers AnnenMayKantereit invited friends and family to their rehearsal room in Cologne to play and rehearse early versions of many of their new album “Drop Shadow”, which will be released on the seventh of December. A few days later, the band went to Spain to record the second major album there. This private rehearsal show offered two possibilities for the four musicians and friends: on the one hand to show his Read More

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Interview with Au / Ra about her career start and her new EP “X Games”!


A steep rollercoaster ride, on the way to the top. This can certainly prove Jamie Lou Stenzel aka Au / Ra 2018 definitely. At just sixteen, Au / Ra has already released two EPs, was a part of Alan Walker’s number one hit “Darkside” and has not been compared to stars like Lana del Rey for a reason. Just in time for the release of their latest EP “X Games” and their single “Emoji” we asked Au / Ra a few questions: : Hey Au / Ra, we are very happy Read More

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Interview with Leony about her solo career and her plans!

At just 17, Leonie Burger and her bandmates won the RTL casting show “Rising Star “And was already convincing with a grandiose voice. Now, four years later, Leony is under contract with Sony Music in Australia, was already celebrating some success with her debut single “Surrender”, and once again dubs with “Boots”. Reason enough to listen to Leony, as she has experienced the last few years and what is still in the future: : Hi Leony, great that you Read More

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Interview with a tape recorder about “Between all the noise”!

Three years after the last album, the third record of the hamburger will be released next week with “Zwischen den Lärm” Tape tape recorder. We were allowed to listen in advance and ask singer Ole some questions about the development process, the themes of the album, feature guests, major labels, inspirations and the band’s history. Hi Ole! Thanks first, that you take your time for the interview. Next week, your new record will be released. Are you Read More

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Interview with Octavian about his solo career!

Until now he has been known as the former guitarist of Wincent Weiss and currently from the band of singer Julia Kautz. Now Octavian has released his first own music. Whether the step of a solo career was difficult for him, and what you can expect musically this year, the 25-year-old has revealed to us in an interview: : Did you always know that you wanted to get started solo, or did that idea develop as a live musician over time? Read More

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