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Plate Crash: Rose Pride – Heart

Rose Pride Heart

Episode 28 of our popular record crash. At Rosenstolz the ghosts divorced. Even in the team opinions could hardly be further apart. For Christopher, the band has a very personal meaning – Anna was able to let out all her frustration on her namesake AnNa R. and Peter Plate. An entertaining contrast. Curtain up for “heart”!

Christopher chooses emotional words:

How do you write a record review about your favorite band? Difficult. I have now Read More

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Plate Crash: Tokio Hotel – Scream

Loud screaming and crying fans grabbing hair tufts – these are Tokio Hotel! At least for the people who are not exactly themselves fans of the four-headed band from Magdeburg. Meanwhile, Tokio Hotel have further developed their music style from pop rock sound to synth pop and have moved from Germany to Los Angeles. The cliché-tainted image still exists. Currently Tokio Hotel causes less with their music than with their love life for a stir, because guitarist Tom Kaulitz fished Read More

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Dirty Dancing – The Original Live on Tour, Capitol Theater Düsseldorf, 31.01.2019

Dirty Dancing Dusseldorf

“I had the best time of my life and never felt like it beforehand “- thank you for the fact that this flat translation is spared the audience and that the possibly most famous partner dance in the world may still be called” Time Of My Life “in Germany. Dirty Dancing – The original Live on Tour lives up to its name and decides to stay as close to the movie as possible in all areas, which works really well.

Eight cities stand until mid-March is still on the program, Read More

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Our newcomers for the year 2019! Newcomer 2019

Already in the last year, we did not only look back on the past year in our personal annual retrospectives, but we also tried a round-up of the most exciting new artists of the coming year. Of course, we want to maintain this tradition. Which singers, singers, bands, musicians and musicians should be on the radar in 2019? Which artists do we expect to get off to a good start this year? Which newcomers should you not miss?

Amilli (#Pop)

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Thriller Live, Capitol Theater Düsseldorf, 08.01.2019

It’s time! Premiere in the house ! You can read countless concert reviews and festival reports with us – there are also musicals and music shows in the review. Hot!? The start is Thriller Live , which is currently touring Germany:

Ten years Thriller Live ! A decade is over. Wait a minute … does not mean that … yes, indeed! In June is also the tenth anniversary of the death of the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson. Read More

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Plate Crash: London Grammar – If You Wait

London Grammar If You Wait

The night is longer than the day. The barometer is close to zero. Trees are bare. Exactly the right mood to crawl on the sofa with the latest offshoot of our record crash. Exactly five years ago, Christopher’s most intense sound experience came out on CD, which he still has on the shelves until today. After all, Melvin could do something with two tracks. Eyes open for London Grammar’s “If You Wait.”

Christopher says:

… and then in Read More

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Record Crash: Original Broadway Cast – Hamilton

Original Broadway Cast - Hamilton

Musicals are not exactly the genre that often happens here, but still it does Musical in our record crash. For Marie, the cast album of “Hamilton” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda is a cross-genre milestone, while Max is less likely to start with musicals.

Marie says:

The historical story of one of America’s founding fathers packaged in a rap musical. This sounds like one of those horrible, over-pedagogical concepts to get young people Read More

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From Germany to Korea: these songs are also available as a K-pop version!

It’s no secret that Korean pop music continues to spread across Europe conquered. Sold-out concerts and well-filled K-pop shelves in electronics retailers are no longer a rarity. But surely not everyone realizes: even German music makes it every now and then to the far away country on the other side of the world.

Various German pop songs have already been taken in the sights of Korean artists and got their very own K-pop version. If the cover songs are convincing, you can decide Read More

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Plattenkrach: We’re Heroes – So So

We Are Heroes - So So

For the first time, the record crash is now dedicated to a hated genre: German-speaking pop. We are heroes with their album “Soulso”, a band that released countless big hymns like “Just a Word” or “Monument” in the 2000s. While Julia sees them as faithful companions with lyrical finesse, Jonas does not understand the enthusiasm . Julia finds:

We are heroes making German pop music. In the meantime most of them are inevitably shivering when naming Read More

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Record Crash: Gwen Stefani – Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Gwen Stefani - Love Angel

The frontwoman of No Doubt, the pop queen Luis’ Herzens, released her solo debut 14 years ago. For some it is a record of many, for some it is more than that. With Yvonne and Luis, two suitable representatives of the two sides have found each other. Read in this record crash what you can still do about “Love, Angel, Music, Baby” today or not.

Luis : 2004 was another time. At that time, pop music felt like only timeless hits and today only from Read More

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