Christina Perri – Songs for Carmella: lullabies & sing-a-longs

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It’s been a long time since we heard anything about Christina Perri got. The singer from Pennsylvania celebrated great success in 2010 with the song “Jar Of Hearts” and finally her breakthrough. It was followed by two albums, another hit with the song “A Thousand Years” from the fourth Twilight movie and the last big single “Human” in 2013. Then it was quiet around Christina Perri. Almost five years later, she returns with a new album “Songs for Carmella: lullabies & sing – a – longs”, taking a surprising direction.

On the occasion of her daughter Carmella ‘s first birthday “Songs for Carmella” not radio-friendly pop songs, but, as the title suggests, lullabies and sing-along songs. Christina Perri takes us into the carefree and healthy world of children, creating very sentimental and harmonic ballads. The fact that the album aims at only one target group in this case is not so bad, because you automatically feel reminded of your own childhood when listening to it. The ten songs of the album are beautifully staged, very soft and calm and let Christina Perri speak directly from the heart. This is almost more in the children’s songs than in well-known songs and thus creates a nice emotional range.
In addition to the ten sung tracks, there are ten more instrumental versions of these songs. The songs are kept pretty short though. Most move in a running time of one to a maximum of two minutes.

“Songs for Carmella” may definitely not be a radio-friendly album and most will probably care less. Nevertheless, it is nice to see that Christina Perri combines her passions and tries out something new. It goes against the trend quite clearly, but there are certainly many children and mothers who would like to sing along to songs like “You Are My Sunshine”.

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