Dirty Dancing – The Original Live on Tour, Capitol Theater Düsseldorf, 31.01.2019

Dirty Dancing Dusseldorf

“I had the best time of my life and never felt like it beforehand “- thank you for the fact that this flat translation is spared the audience and that the possibly most famous partner dance in the world may still be called” Time Of My Life “in Germany. Dirty Dancing – The original Live on Tour lives up to its name and decides to stay as close to the movie as possible in all areas, which works really well.

Eight cities stand until mid-March is still on the program, before is until 10.2. Stop in Dusseldorf. The Capitol Theater shows time and again that it is simply a perfect location for such productions. Nice atmosphere, slightly upscale audience and an ideal hall size. The preview on 31.1. is, despite being in the middle of the week, well attended. Right at the beginning there is loud applause. Although held up to the final good in the seats, but for a few times frenetically clapped and laughed loudly when the moment seems funny – intentionally or not.

On stage happens for a tour production a lot. Probably the most important question should be clarified best for every visitor: Is it a musical? The answer is: yes. It has musical elements, but is not musical in the original sense. It’s not Dirty Dancing – the musical. It is sung by a few singers, who take only minor acting roles and appear heaped on the edge of the scene. Some songs even come off the tape and play as background music. On the other hand, the dancers only do what they are good at, namely dancing or acting. That sounds disappointing? It is not at all. Instead, a credible and almost identical backdrop to the film is built on the stage, which changes every minute, is movable in all directions and looks different on the back than from the front. The costumes are imitated true to the original, the dialogues almost 1: 1 taken over, so fans of the film are often smile and think “Oh, yes, that’s such a cool place”. Exactly for such people the show has been developed – for fans. The watermelon, the last dance of the season or “My baby belongs to me” are pop culture.

So, watching the movie again is not a bad idea at first, but not necessarily necessary. Dirty Dancing is simply light on the stage, yet great entertainment, which brings one out of everyday life through many effects. Of course, it is particularly exciting how the famous rehearsal in the lake works on stage or how the dance on the tree trunk is implemented – only so much: both work wonderfully! Exactly here are the strengths of the piece – in the surprise, how close you can get a movie, if you really make an effort. Since the movie with a playing length of less than 100 minutes is a little short for a stage piece, the action is extended by almost half an hour, so that in two acts with almost 130 minutes of playing the musical has a regular length.

Unfortunately, there are a few points deduction on the technical side. On the side of the actors, everything runs smoothly – but much less in the sound. For almost every sung song, the microphones are late and are faded in after a few words. This is not extraordinary once or twice, but definitely too often here. In a scene, there are even so many dropouts that the audience starts talking about it. Unfavorable.

There is something wrong with the singers. To be sure, one or the other of the “In the Still of the Night” shakes – “Yes”, “De Todo and Poco” and “Time of my Life” sound very successful. Why “She’s Like The Wind” and “Hungry Eyes” are not sung live as two figureheads of the soundtrack remains a mystery and is really worth thinking about. More than a pity! Petra Ilsa Dam is a penny of the dancers. Although she only plays a major supporting role, her presence is enormous. Luciano Mercoli as Johnny comes just visually closer to the film actor Patrick Swayze than first cast Máté Gyenei, but can not compete in terms of dancing. His acting was appropriate to the role. Victoria Kaspersky as the main character Baby, on the other hand, is rather mediocre in acting, but danceable and outwardly worthy of a baby and shows an authentic development from a tramp to a gracious dancer. Also striking are the exaggerated and accurate representations of Ahou Nikazar as Lisa and Erik van Hoof in the role of Billy.

Conclusion: Please sing “Hungry Eyes” and “She’s Like The Wind” live and swaps the sound engineer! Everything else goes just as it deserves the cult movie on Dirty Dancing – making for romantic, enchanting, funny and good entertainment thanks to a pleasant combination of musical, dance show and theater.

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