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The year 2018 is felt in full swing and our editorial staff are already frolicking around on various concerts around. It is similarly varied again in our weekly review, this time with the latest from the singer / songwriter world, Pop Queens on acoustic paths and a highly emotional commemoration of Chester Bennington.

Dorit Jakobs – Doing nothing is our rebellion

Songwriter Dorit Jakobs announced this week her debut album “In the Departure of Lethargy”, which will be released on February 16, 2018. As the first song presented the young woman from Bremerhaven “doing nothing is our rebellion”, an impressive 7-minute work, which addresses the problems of the young generation today. Pressure to perform, expectations of others, overstimulation, the constant swaying between one’s own ideas of life and desires and the alleged sense of duty – situations that everyone knows. One or the other rusty, older music journalist will think contemptuously “The youth again, with their bad problems!”, It is a “formerly was anyway worse” mentality no less annoying as the “formerly everything was better” -Sager , The first song from the solo debut of Dorit Jakobs has its moments, not every line sits, but the damn catchy chorus lets the song sound on repeat for several days now. (Melvin)

With George Ezra to Paradise!

Finally this week there was news from the successful folk musician George Ezra. With the first single “Paradise” the Brit with the unmistakable voice offers a summery-positive indie party song. There are no happy sing-along choirs, nor a rousing chorus. Of course, the anticipation for the upcoming album “Staying at Tamara’s” (release: 23.03.2018) and the following tour is even bigger. (Julia)

George Ezra live 2018:
09.04.2018 Huxley’s New World Berlin
14.04.2018 Live Music Hall Cologne
22.-24.06.2018 Hurricane & Southside Festival

Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic EP

Six months after the devastating news of Chester Bennington’s suicide, Mike Shinoda released his “Post Traumatic EP” this week. In the three songs “Place To Start”, “Over Again” and “Watching As I Fall” he handles the difficult time afterwards, e.g. how hard it was to return to the stage at the “Celebrate Life” concert in honor of Chester in October and continue without him. Very personal, honest lyrics, as well as self-made videos – the EP gave me goosebumps, at least for me. It is this intimacy that explains why Mike Shinoda published the work under his own name and not as Linkin Park or Fort Minor. Whether there will be more such publications seems to be still unclear. These three are definitely and not only for Linkin Park fans hear and worth seeing and leave a deep impression. (Andrea)

Lady GaGa – Joanne

Lady GaGa first released a title in another, very intimate, piano version of her album title “Joanne” Garment. Nearly a year and a half after the release of the actual record, the Eccentric introduces a single that once again proves what a great singer she is. The fact that the song is particularly close to her heart is not only evident in the choice of the album title, but is also to be seen in her highly acclaimed 2017 Netflix documentary “Five Foot Two”, in which the creation process can be observed. The lyrics are about the very early death of her aunt, who died of lupus at 19. The tragic theme is accompanied by artistic images in the new music video. The current European tour has been running since the beginning of January and ends at the end of February. For some dates in the German-speaking countries still remaining maps are to be acquired. (Christopher)

Jessie J – Queen

Jessie J also loves acoustics. The release date of their fourth album “R.O.S.E.” is not yet available, but should not be long in coming. After four promos in 2017, the first song in the new year is an acoustic version of the last song “Queen”. A clear change process can be seen as Jessie J says goodbye to her promising radio sound more, defines herself more as a singer and musically progressing towards Soul, R’n’B and even HipHop. The album should hold some surprises in store and will annoy many fans, but possibly impress new listeners. “Queen” goes Similar ways and shows in the now published version that the artist is more important as storytelling as a guarantor of success. (Christopher)

Britney Spears: Tour Announcement

Last but not least, Britney Spears made a splash. From nowhere came the news earlier this week that there will be a tour in the summer, which, among other things, moves through Europe. After their successful Las Vegas series, fans around the world now have the chance to see the show. Britney stops in Germany next to Berlin (6.8.) In Mönchengladbach (13.8.). This is the US cult star for the first time since 2011 to see in this country. August tickets seem very popular, but a few are still available. (Christopher)

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