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This week we had to go finally accept that summer is over and autumn is here. And besides wind, rain and falling leaves, he also brought some new music this week:

Forkupines – Here, Away From

Forkupines - Here, Away From

So really good English-speaking alternative rock from Germany there are few. Forkupines is such a band that tries to change that. And then the trio comes from Braunschweig! All the more Forkupines prove that the origin of the musicians is really shitty no matter for the quality of the music they play. What the Braunschweigers do on their debut album “Here, Away From” commutes between the intricate progressive rock of Biffy Clyro and the sound of many emo greats and does not sound as boring as you would expect Braunschweig to do. The eleven songs on the debut are bursting with anthemic choruses and playful guitar licks. So if you ever wanted to hear good English-language music from Germany, you should check it out! (Jonas)

Julia Engelmann – It does not get greener

Julia Engelmann has long made a name for herself in Germany as a poetry slammer , Her text “One day, baby!” Has long been a topic in all media. Now the 25-year-old is trying on the music and surprised with a pleasant voice and really good implementation of her text “It’s not greener” in musical form. As a poppy acoustic song with a light beat and piano melody, the song can convince – and the lyrics anyway! On 03.11.2017, Julia’s first album will be released with “Poesiealbum”. Whether their voice on album length also can convince and the songs will present themselves varied, remains to wait until then. (Yvonne)

Worriers – Survival Pop

Worriers - Survival Pop

Against Me! have become bored because you already know each song by heart, and you’re looking for a new band to rock your fist out and roar emotional lines into the night? Then we have the perfect tip for you! Worriers from New York mix indie, punk and rock into an explosive mixture, which shines above all by the voice of singer Lauren Denitzio reminiscent in the good sense of Amy Macdonald. The band released their second album “Survival Pop” via SideOneDummy Records last week and toured with Beach Slang, The Smith Street Band and – who else – Against Me! If you look a little deeper into the punk formation, the connection between this and the band around Laura Jane Grace seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Well, who produced the debut album of the Worriers? Of course, the Against Me! Front woman. Despite their many close connections, Worriers does not sound like a copy of the successful punk band. Rather, it is true, although they are in similar climes around, but still writes independent good punk songs with pop impact and varied arrangements. (Jonas)

Savas & Sido – “Royal Bunker”

Savas & Sido -Royal Bunker

If two rap legends and veterans of German hip-hop record a record together, a musical glittering performance is to be expected. Last Friday, the long-awaited Kollabo album by Sido and Kool Savas was released with the title – some may remember the Kreuzberg cellar bar of the same name and finally Marcus Staiger’s label – “Royal Bunker”. In a time when the rap business is booming and especially autotune-heavy trap beats are in vogue, the two rappers on this record deliver a thoroughly straight old-school rap: While Savas is used to spitting out what it takes, and Sido – reminiscing old times in particular – rather slowly brings the lines to the point, but ultimately the album deals with exactly one thing: the self-glorification of both. But who can blame them? After all, it’s “Two of the best that ever did. Two of the best that ever lived “, as the opener” Haste not seen “reveals. It remains to say: Although the record may not be the most legendary masterpiece, Savas & Sido complement each other musically and lyrically. Listening is worth it! (Anna)

The Black Veil Brides are back!

Black Veil Brides by Jonathan Weiner After Andy Biersack turns out to be Andy Black had moved more towards solo career, now the Black Veil Brides back! On 12.01.2018 the long awaited fifth studio album of the American is released with “VALE”Rockband released – there were already two pre-singles this week. “My Vow” and “The Outsider” take away the fear that the Black Veil Brides, like Andy’s solo songs, could take a more poppy direction, because the two songs can convince as rock songs with the usual good lyrics. On the 29th of January 2017 the Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria will also play an exclusive Germany show in Cologne – you should not miss this! (Yvonne)

Indie Riot duo Diet Cig touring the coming weeks!

Diet Cig from New York have been following the release of their debut album “Swear I’m Good At This “on the road in April. The duo already played massively sold-out shows in America this year and is now coming to Europe for the first time since its release. So if you’re up for heavy, sweaty live shows, consider attending a duo show. Here are the dates:

02.10.17 – Vienna – B72 (AT)
04.10.17 – Munich – Orange House
05.10.17 – Berlin – Berghain
07.10.17 – Hamburg – Molotow
10/09/17 – Cologne – Blue Shell
10.10.17 – Münster – Track 22

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