Jason Mraz, Palladium Cologne, 02.03.2019

Jason Mraz Cologne

At point 20h there is the 2.3. The first surprise in the palladium: Jason Mraz enters the stage! Smartphone in hand, camera aimed at the audience and the first cheer goes off. The main act before support? What is going on there? In a very likeable way, the 41-year-old from Virginia welcomes the sold out Halle in Cologne and moderates his opening act himself. That gives a lot of positive points in the B-note.

Berge is the name of the opening band. A singer / songwriter duo from Berlin. He wears a shirt that calls for less plastic and plays acoustic guitar; she is wearing a colorful little dress, singing the lead voice and occasionally knocking on a xylophone. From the beginning there is a lot of interaction between mountains and the audience. Nearly every song is asked to participate with different actions. This raises the mood brilliantly. In addition, both personalities are extremely sweet and cordial. Would the music still be different … it reminds us a bit of Katholikentage and could hardly be more cliché-laden. Song lines like “I keep singing my song for the earth” and “Happiness is our 5th element” make scary goose bumps. Sweet was the first half hour of the concert but still.

Then there is the usual conversion phase and to the minute is at 21h the starting signal for Mr. Mraz . Eight people are next to Jason at the start and provide the appropriate musical accompaniment, five ladies and three men. Even optically, it is coordinated with each other, so each person on the stage carries a different color, matching the huge colorful banner in the background, on which “Good Vibes” is printed.

Two complete hours are provided by Jason Mraz for a pleasant mood in the room and delivers with 20 songs from all albums ever quantitatively neat. But also on the qualitative level, there is a lot to offer here: vocally, Jason does not miss a single note. Clear voice, tonal sometimes in demanding heights and demanding lengths, here there is nothing to complain about. The same is true for the talented band, where much of the music is more than just an instrument and a few more extraordinary sounds, such as through a zither. But that alone does not seem to be enough, so that on several songs even small choreographies between Jason and the girls are shown. Entertaining, creative, funny, cool.

To revisit the “Katholikentag” topic: The opening act seems to have been well selected. Every few minutes, Jason addresses the audience and also asks for hippie-like acts. Take the partner by the hand, embrace, dance collectively, close your eyes, think of important people. Even prayers are phrases. In addition, Jason is a little like substances. Strange and spiritual.

Otherwise, the concert should be just right for fans. Musically, they switch between singer / songwriter pop, calypso, reggae, soul and funk and present more styles than you might expect. It almost never gets so schmaltzy. The audience grooves along and shares the contagious joy of the musicians. Highlights: The current “More Than Friends”, which unfortunately has to make do without Meghan Trainor at the concert, remains a duet. For this, Jason has a Meghan Trainor doll in action, which he moves with great skill. Terrific! The other well-known duet, “Lucky”, works as a slowed down acoustic version with three backing vocalists. In “I’m Yours”, which is surprisingly already played after 40 minutes (see HERE a section on our Instagram account), of course, the whole room sings along. The same applies to the well-known “I Will not Give Up”. Nevertheless, the last spark is missing. On the one hand, it rarely gets into the really intimate, emotional atmosphere that really touches – on the other hand it never really gets off the ground. Everything stays relaxed and in the midtempo.

Jason Mraz is a special personality that definitely goes far beyond typical stage behavior. If you can start a bit more with your music and are open to a little bit of “we’ll be one” junk, you should have a great evening. Everyone else, at least, goes home with a sophisticated concert experience and fades the rest out a bit.

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