LEA goes “between my lines” – Tour

Only last year, LEA delighted its fans with a long tour throughout Germany. With songs like “quieter” or “Where do you want to go?” She made great concert evenings. The last year was crowned by the release of their second studio album “Between My Lines”. On this you can look forward to very honest, authentic and harmonious songs that go in the ear and so fast not want to get out again. LEA is able to create soulful and multi-faceted music.

With this album in her baggage the singer is finally back on a big tour! Under the title “Between My Lines” LEA will honor the most diverse stages in the next two months and will certainly perform songs like “Whenever We See You” or “To You”. If you do not want to miss the fun of the concert, you should hurry, because there are very few tickets left:

Wed, 13.03.2019 – cultura, Sparkassen-Theater at the Ems / Rietberg (already sold out)

Thu, 14.03.2019 – Gloria Theater, Cologne (already sold out)

Fri, 15.03.2019 – FZW / Dortmund

Sat, 16.03.2019 – House of Culture and Education / Neubrandenburg

Sun, 18.03.2019 – Täubchenthal / Leipzig (already sold out)

Tue, 19.03.2019 – Alter Schlachthof / Dresden

Wed, 20.03.2019 – Löwensaal, Nuremberg

Sat, 23.03.2019 – In Wizemann (Halle) / Stuttgart

Sun, 24.03.2019 – Garage / Saarbrücken (already sold out)

Tue, 26.03.2019 – Muffathalle, Munich

Wed, 27.03.2019 – Posthalle, Würzburg

Fri, 29.03.2019 – Capitol, Hannover

Sat, 30.03.2019 – Uebel & Gefährlich / Hamburg (already sold out)

Sun, 31.03.2019 – Aladin Music Hall / Bremen – Hemelingen

Mon, 01.0 4.2019 – Huxley’s New World / Berlin (already sold out)

Wed, 03.04.2019 – Grosse Freiheit 36 ​​/ Hamburg (already sold out)

Thu, 04.04.2019 – Carlswerk Victoria, Cologne (already sold out)

Fri, 05.04.2019 – Centralstation / Darmstadt

Sun, 07.04.2019 – Huxley’s New World / Berlin (already sold out)

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