LP – Heart to Mouth

Already the cover art is a real eye-catcher – whether positive or negative depends on the personal attitude towards the color orange. LP makes pop music of a special kind, because it really does not fit anywhere. Not with the stale, almost dusty pop starlets like Kylie Minogue or Shania Twain, not with the crazy-talented singers like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga and not even with the popular R’n’B-Queens of the hour. LP is a mean of all styles and yet somehow very own. With “Lost On You”, the US-American hit the world in 2017 with almost 137 million Spotify clicks. This song appeared on the fourth album of the singer, in 2018 it is even time for the fifth. So much attention is given to the singer, despite her long career, only now. Unwinned, as “Heart to Mouth” proves.

The title of the album must be understood metaphorically, because LP herself describes the background of her music as always expressing her feelings. Sounds trite, but if you still listen to the music, this cliché is also allowed. LP, bourgeois by the way Laura Pergolizzi, succeeds in communicating her feelings with a unique voice. Only a few succeed in doing the splits between fragility and strong, powerful voice, without appearing contrived. Musically, LP still offers a matching, iridescent color dress. The opener “Dreamcatcher” could also come from another decade and opens the sound for dramatic sounds, just so that the following song “When I’m Over You” processed before a pop beat R’n’B sounds and chanting. Although the absolute majority of the album focuses on quieter tones, but as “House on Fire” with a very exciting sound that sounds southern, and prove the country song “Hey Nice to Know Ya”, LP can be quite different. The big track “Shaken” comes second to last, reminiscent of a terrific mix of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and Amy Winehouse working with Mark Ronson. If you are looking for the singer’s next big hit, you might find it right here. In general, the fifth album also reveals that the singer still has much more creativity and virtuosity than many at the beginning of her career. Although the album stumbles in the middle section, but just the experimental pieces can show the unique voice of the singer wonderful and show that this is not just a pure one-hit-Wonder! Not just an eye-catcher, but also a listener!

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