Maroon 5, RIN, Newton Faulkner – Weekly Review KW35 2017 Weekly Review Number 1!

Between a thoroughly confusing election O-Mat 2017 concept, new Blueprints Trump plans to build the Mexico Wall and devastating traces of devastation by hurricane Harvey in Texas, the KW 35 has to announce at least on a musical level, some encouraging new releases. We present our weekly review for the KW35:

Maroon 5 – What lovers do (feat. SZA)

“Say say say, hey hey now baby. “Already the first line of the new Maroon 5 song is always in the ear. “What Lovers Do” is more groovy and less built like a typical pop song than previous hits like “Moves Like Jagger” or “Animals”. Guest vocalist SZA completes the song to a danceable track, which is somehow a matter of taste and tends to be very annoying by permanent radio-rotations very quickly. Until the band presents us with more new songs and an album release date, we can look forward to the official music video for “What lovers do”, which should celebrate its premiere in the next few days. Previews already showed that singer Adam Levine and SZA would be quite hot there … (Yvonne)

RIN – Eros

Hardly any new release was discussed so hotly this week as that of the newcomer RIN. His music meets the ravages of time: autotune, convincing beats, a heavy load of catch with catchy choruses and earwig potential. Although his debut is solid, but allows a lot of room for improvement. Special work but have done the producers of the plate (Lex Lugner / Minhtendo), the z.T. to create really virtuoso beats (like “Bass”, “Vagabundo”, “Gamma”) that RIN’s breathy nonsense-lyrics often can not stand. Anyone looking for a plate to relax and hang out, is served well with “Eros” anyway. Anyone who longs for textual masterpieces, the tape is definitely at the wrong address. (Anna)

Newton Faulkner – “Hit the Ground Running”

Newton-Faulkner - Hit-The-Ground-Running Singer / songwriter Newton Faulkner has this week released his new album “Hit the Ground Running”, which has come about through crowdfunding. Once again he knows how to convince with his unmistakable guitar playing, great melodies and a beautiful voice. For all fans of Indie this is definitely a tip and on the upcoming tour you can then convince yourself live of this exceptional talent. (Juliet)

Newton Faulkner live:
20/09/2017 Luxor Cologne, 21/09/2017 Schlachthof Wiesbaden, 24/09/2017 Gleis 22 Münster, 28/09/2017 Quasimodo Berlin

The cover rights are for Division / Groove Attack and Battenberg.

Other new releases:

Casper – Lang Live Death

PVRIS – All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell

Beatsteaks – Yours

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