Max Mutzke honors the Bonn Opera House

Max Mutzke

With the song “Can’t Wait Until Tonight”, Max Mutzke participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and reached for German Relationships a wonderful eighth place. Since then Stefan Raab’s protégé has been able to celebrate many more successes and, above all, has found his own musical genre: jazz. Together with the band monoPunk, he has since thrilled the fans and shows that jazz can also appeal to young people. But that he still remained true to the pop, he proved on his two years ago released sixth studio album “Max”. He combines pop with soul, jazz with a great deal of coherence and a grandiose voice.

Those who want to experience Max Mutzke live, will even have the chance to have a very special evening twice in the coming months. At 23. 09.2017 and also on 17.03.2018 Max Mutzke honors the opera house in Bonn under the title “Max Mutzke and friends”. As part of the series of events “Quatsch keine Oper”, he invites you to an evening full of music with many other musicians.

That’s what it sounds like:

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