The horses are off!

apassionata in the spell of the mirror

Sometimes you have to do something crazy. And that includes reviewing things that you’re not sure at first whether you want to find it funny, just needless or weird. The fact is, trying something new is always a great way to better understand people with other interests and stay away from stupid rumors or superficialities. That’s why I set out to write the latest DVD Apassionata – Under the spell of the mirror, a DVD that shows the most beautiful sides of the popular horse event show. And Read More

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Dota is jazz, bossa nova and socially critical singer-songwriting

dota_no danger_albumcover

Dota’s new album No danger may have been on the market for a good month. Nevertheless, I will not take a few eulogies! Especially because the exceptional band is going on tour soon! Dota Kehr and her band (formerly also known as Dota and the City Pirates), Dota, bring singer-songwriting and jazz into harmony. Also due to the temporary home of the front woman Dorothea Kehr in South America (Ecuador and Brazil) influences of Latin American music like Bossa Nova play a big role in the sound Read More

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Sia releases the best pop album of the year so far!


The best pop album of the year so far is not from a budding 18-year-old newcomer, nor from Rihanna: Sia With her meanwhile 40 years she shows the middle finger of the entire pop world and releases a pop-firework of emotions!

Sometimes you have days when you learn things you never wanted to hear. There are simply things in life that humans can not and do not understand. Unfortunately, this situation has recently happened to me, and I can now say with a few days’ absence: It strikes Read More

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Partly gloomy synth-pop, partly indie-rock with trip-hop influences

Polica United Crushers

Partly gloomy synth-pop, partly indie-rock with trip-hop influences. However, Poliça’s United Crushers have released a poppy album that often does not even want to be a pop album. Too versatile and sometimes too hard to just put it in a drawer. The largely gloomy lyrics usually meet beautifully composed music, accompanied by Channy Leaneagh’s gentle and loveable voice. Anyway, drummers get their money’s worth at Poliça, so you can listen to two drummers at the band.

Here you can Read More

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Winter was sold out

Nico & Vinz Cornerstone EP

In keeping with the lack of winter 2015, the Norwegian afroop superstars Nico & Vinz have their new EP Cornerstone on the Thrown market, which comes along with summery beats & melodies and spreads a lot of good humor. How one gets the idea in cool Norway to produce such summery hits will forever remain the secret of the two musicians. Maybe it is due to the African roots. After the mega-hit Am I Wrong, Nico & Vinz are now catching up and bring along four new songs in addition to the new Read More

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Gentle indie pop for the quiet evenings

Swaying Wires I Left A House Burning

No matter how much stress at the beginning of the new year. Does that really have to be? Swaying Wires say: Nope! And with their new work I Left A House Burning they bring a lot of composure. Then the house burns – no matter. Much has happened in the lives of band members Tina Karkinen, Sami Lehtonen, Nicklas Hagen and Jussi Virkkumaa since they released their debut album, Some Blue Sky in 2013. New countries have been toured, new places discovered, personal crises and achievements conquered Read More

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A thoughtful train ride with Hanne Kolstø

Hanne Kolsto Where We Still Have Light

Hanne Kolstø stands for contemplative, experimental pop music. The Norwegian released her fifth album last year with While We Still Have Light, which once again invites to digress. Try it yourself and therefore recommend: while listening to We Still Have Light on a train ride while driving into the evening. The passing images, together with the gentle tones and the melancholy voice of the musician, provide the perfect mood, just to give in to his thoughts and feelings. I generally struggle Read More

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Just for real dreampop lovers

Silver Firs EP 1-3

The Swiss-based Silver Firs released their EP 1-3 album last year As the name suggests, it summarizes three previous EPs. You can hear Dreampop with Afro-Wave and psycho-folk influences. Eigenbrötlerisch calls the press release the music of the Silver Firs and especially the North Americans seems to like that. Numerous blogs and radio stations in the US and Canada played the songs of the Swiss – and even a small Internet hype could record the Silver Firs on Soundcloud with more than 120,000 Read More

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