Picture Book – mea culpa

Picture Book - mea culpa

The last spark of hope does not seem quite extinct yet – a little light keeps alive the flickering fire of German-speaking pop culture , The creative development of local pop music seems to have come to a standstill in recent years. Only very few artists bring fresh wind. One of the most influential hopefuls comes just from the neighboring country of Austria. Since their third longplayer “Schick Schock”, the sound of the indie band Bilderbuch is always on the move and always at least one step ahead of the mainstream.

How little are the voters shying away from conventions? five and six. Right, picture book release two new albums until February. Without a big announcement tam-tam, without a catchy advance single or an extensive promotional tour, the indie poppers released the first of these two works in various digital formats this Tuesday. This is titled “mea culpa” and will be physically available as of February 22nd of next year together with the second output “vernissage my heart”. Fans get wind of these nine new songs anyway, the rest you would like to win with radio airplay or print interviews not for themselves. The Austrians have a stable fan base anyway.

But now to what counts: the music. Summoned “Schick Schock” still the sticky indie party here, already showed the successor “Magic Life” much bulkier and more confused. “Mea culpa” drives the quartet’s sound forward again: picture books screw back the rock section, increasingly devoting themselves to lounge and funk sounds, which are constantly enriched with modern stylistic elements. “Sandwishes” misses contemporary “Scur” sounds, the movie megaplex “Megaplex” gets trap-like fast-paced hi-hat rows and autotune backing vocals, and the lounge-like piano sounds of “Lounge 2.0” add fun-filled “Wuh” chants. The dancy “Memory Card” brings the most well-known later and could probably have landed on the two predecessors. Another constant that has been playing for years through the sound of the Austrians are the many sophisticated guitar solos by “Mizzy” Michael Krammer.

“mea culpa” is Latin and means something like “my fault”. Most people should be familiar with the phrase from the confiteor, the Christian confession. Picture book – Friends of any religion (consider only the play “Babylon”) – would not be a picture book, of course, if they did not use such a tainted pair of words for their own purposes. Thus, the words adorn the title of the band’s sixth album, which deals with (digital) love, drugs, consumption, recurring references to modern society and allegedly advanced technologies, but also quite clearly relies on traditions. In “Megaplex” it says for example: “Mizzy and I do not watch TV today, because on Netflix is ​​so difficult to decide, so we drive quickly into the Megaplex.” In “Taxi Taxi” is then again about a supposedly ordinary taxi ride until the protagonist in the following “Lounge 2.0” decides not to pay by cash, but by app. This dichotomy between long-established ideas, such as paid-for-human transportation, collaborative film-watching in the cinema, interpersonal relationships and the latest developments, permeates the entire record.

loose overall concept throughout. Ordinary radio consumers would probably only be distracted by the progressive ideas of the Viennese. Picture books are again years ahead of the trend, so that the first sound copies will probably follow in two to three years at the latest. Where the band will then go with “vernissage my heart”, the upcoming February will show. We are curious.

You can buy the album “mea Culpa” here. *

You can buy the album “vernissage my heart” here. *

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And that sounds like this:

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Picture book live 2019

4.6. – Würzburg, Posthalle
07.04. – Stuttgart, Beethoven Hall
08.04. – Offenbach, Capitol
09.04. – Oberhausen, Turbine Hall
11.04. – Leipzig, Haus Auensee
12.04. – Hannover, Capitol
13.04. – Cologne, Palladium
14.04. – Kassel, Stadthalle
16.04. – Munich, Zenith
17.04. – Hamburg, Docks
18.04. – Berlin, Columbiahalle
24.04. – Innsbruck, Dogana (AT)
24.05. – Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace (AT)
13.07. – Linz, Donaugelände (AT)
24.08. – Graz, Freiluftarena B (AT)

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