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Rose Pride Heart

Episode 28 of our popular record crash. At Rosenstolz the ghosts divorced. Even in the team opinions could hardly be further apart. For Christopher, the band has a very personal meaning – Anna was able to let out all her frustration on her namesake AnNa R. and Peter Plate. An entertaining contrast. Curtain up for “heart”!

Christopher chooses emotional words:

How do you write a record review about your favorite band? Difficult. I have now decided to make it consciously in the personal style and very often to use the word “me”. Although I do not usually do that – it fits in well with something.

That may sound pathetically pathetic, but Rosenstolz is actually more of a lifestyle than a band you find kinda good , Probably some of you are laughing now. Is also completely ok. However, I know a lot of fans who would sign the same way. Rosenstolz is not just “good”. When Rosenstolz made German music, German music was not represented in the charts. There were hits, nothing else. The Berlin duo, which started in 1991, has been making German-language music since its second song and that was anything but good in the first years. It took six (!) Albums to reach the top ten charts and only after eight years of work was the first music video on the channels. Before that, the only promo was word of mouth. No radio, clubs, MTViva. Which artist would still join in these days? Or what record company?

But at some point it worked. Although I already knew Rosenstolz through two or three TV appearances, I never really noticed them intensively. In 2001, I liked a song for the first time, “It could be a start”. But today it’s about the big breakthrough, which took another three years to come.

“Love is everything” was one of the biggest radio hits in 2004 and suddenly ran everywhere in continuous loop. It’s just too easy to forget that in time there was not yet the German Pop wave, as it is already no longer perceived today, because it has existed for so long. In fact, the just mentioned song came just at the right moment. Of course, love is not the most creative subject to sing about. However, even after 15 years, “Love is everything” still belongs to an absolute masterpiece of the German music scene. The text describes many excellent moments that you just do not hear in any other song, but go to the substance. The song builds up intensively for about two minutes, until it discharges in the emotional chorus. AnNa R. may have one of the most striking voices – you love or hate, but everyone definitely has an opinion and will always recognize them under 1000 votes. Here you can hear them in top form. Should someday run on my wedding.

After the flawless preliminary single came the album heart , which should be topped in terms of sale by the successor by a long way. Nevertheless, it remains the turning point in the career Rosenstolz . At first I could not make friends with the record. I found her good from the start. The fact that she is the best longplayer of my career has only come out later.

Herz has everything for which Rosenstolz stands for: great, catchy melodies; elaborate instrumentation; clear pop-rock; a little kitsch and above all texts that describe interpersonal images that you would not hear otherwise in time – packed in twelve surprisingly varied titles without a filler, completely written and produced by yourself. Anyone who thinks of dripping ballads without blossoming moments in the name heart is really wrong. With “Welcome” the album starts unusually rocking and wins directly to joy. “Welcome” is one of the songs that pick you up on a spring day and give you energy. Could also be from We are heroes. Similarly unexpected is “A Question of Light” therefore, in which next to AnNa Peter Plate picks up the microphone and the two deliver a sprechgesang-like exchange, which presents the typical madness of our society. Very entertaining! Something rotiger goes it in “The yellow monster”, by describing the ugly feeling “envy” in an almost punk way: “I splash with poison just around, I want it to hit everyone. The horror is blooming in my heart, I’m my own terrorist. And I’m already in the gutter, but the monster whispers softly – you can do more, you can do even more, you can still more! ”

You probably know the following situation: you have just met someone who has fascinated you incredibly. Life is suddenly much easier, more colorful. You could hug anyone and think that this feeling should last forever. In such moments, “I want to fall in love” could be the right soundtrack, which hits the bullseye again with a touching melody line. “Locked out” describes the moment when you have to realize with horror how far you have gone from yourself: “If I meet someday, I’ll give myself to myself again and if I flee again in front of me,” I never give up again. ” Another example is “I can not get any further”. A piece that needs to grow and may not light properly until the fourth or fifth time. Driving, slightly dramatic up-tempo pop that deals with the unbearable idea that one wants to leave a person, but does not know how and if one could manage without them.

But yes, Rose Pride are of course known for their ballads. An absolute highlight and one of the favorite songs of AnNa R. personally is “The love is dead”. Here, too, the construction scores points, culminating in a sluggish bombastic sound that runs through the entire body with headphones. Is it lonelier for two than alone or is it just imagination? Even with thoughts of death, Rosenstolz did not shrink back. The last two titles leave a very melancholy mood with their tragedy and heaviness. “Give me more heaven” is an all-time favorite among fans, “Moment (December)” a farewell farewell. Even mourning can be kind of beautiful and give warmth.

With “In the sand” and “The best in life” are two relatively inconspicuous songs in the middle, which also need several attempts to arrive at the listener , It is also worth listening to carefully: “If I had not put my life in the sand, I would never have met you in the desert” is a wonderful confession of love. In the light acoustic number “The best in life”, however, the following lines give enough space for interpretation: “And I stand so by the side, that I finally see very clearly again. […] And we never tried enough, because the same thing was so different for us. ”

Who did not experience heart in 2004 will probably find it difficult to access these days. Despite the great success, Rosenstolz remained a niche. There were always enough people who could do nothing with it. People who found the music gay, over and annoying. On the other hand, there was and still is a large amount of people who felt a bit more understood and found the right music for many situations in Rosenstolz . I like to be part of the last group and not only bow to this album, but to almost every song of the band. Even though no new titles have been released since 2012 and there have been no live performances, many of the songs of that same band bring back so intense memories of my youthful stage that no other musician can. And that will probably stay that way forever. Haters gonna hate!

Anna also chooses emotional words. Just a little different:

A few weeks ago I pulled at our annual, almost legendary Christmas party a very hard fate: While my colleagues unpacking their Schrottwichtel gifts over spooky Garden gnomes, dusty tealight holders, or old-fashioned grandma doilies amused me, causing my body a veritable shudder as I – somewhat perplexed and a little disgusted – freed my goblet present from his colorful Ch
ristmas paper. Because lo and behold: An old, finely folded Rosenstolz -Shirt beamed at me. Proudly like Oscar, Christopher grinned at me – from whom the gift came – who seemed to suspect what ‘joy’ he had given me with his present.

But let’s go ahead and name the child by name: I do not like Rosenstolz . Although this wording is still packed somewhat nicely, I would like to say that; The music of the Berlin duo, who as a regular radio listener and as a child of the 1990s really could not escape, is crazy about the cookie and gives me a bad mood. From a musical point of view, no wonder, but you can read on the Wikipedia page of the pop duo in the first few sentences that front singer AnNa R. did not succeed the entrance examination of the music school Friedrichshein. (As a former student of musicology, I know how difficult the entrance examinations in this subject are.)

In today’s plate crash But now the “ heart ” – piece of the band is under scrutiny, which was able to climb the top of the German charts about 15 years ago – completely incomprehensible to me. Admittedly a bit biased, I have chosen a 40-minute train ride to listen to the album in one go:

The opener “Welcome” I already know well through the mentioned radio times. While the repeated words of the chorus chase through my headphones, I see a little astonished on a city wall near the Cologne Ulrepforte, on which with large letters also the same greeting clause “WELCOME” was sprayed. A sign? At least I interpret it that way. Although the song in me by no means evokes a sense of perfect bliss and I hardly like the croaking-breathed sound of front singer AnNa R., I tell myself that I have already heard much worse songs and would like to give the duo’s music a chance. But it’s hard for me: That even the rats sung in the chorus hanged themselves in the cellar, may finally be due to the terrible, cheeky timbre of the singer …

Already the second song “Liebe ist alles” is mine Swing the mood. The melancholic-contemplative pop-ballad, which the front singer sometimes breathes horribly, sometimes in croaking (this word will probably appear even more frequently as a description of the timbre in the course of the article) highlights on the easy guitar chords, lets my mood in sink the cellar. Wow, how resourceful. That the well-known “love” finally should be “everything”, as we know, has never been sung before. It’s a good thing that Rosenstolz reminded us once again of this important fact …

Also on “Love is dead” – ah, again the most imaginative topic is named in the title – grab Rosenstolz their self-proclaimed masterpiece on: horrible Schnulz songs, which sprout in front of lyrical Oxymorons only, paired with a boring basic rhythm form the backbone of the song. Thus, the song thematizes that – as the title already reveals – the love is dead, although “my love […] is far from dead” is. Anyone who wants to understand that is probably Chuck Norris at most.

The following song “I want to fall in love” again brings new possibilities into play, because after all, the listener is still not informed about the actual existence of ‘love’ Service. Not only that the multi – lane harmony in the otherwise rather bleak and monotonous accompaniment of the song hardly gives anything, even the dumpling – ah, so I managed to find a synonym for “croaking” – vocals and the completely superfluous string chord Finally let me shake my head (hoping, of course, my headphones would immediately fall from my ears.)

Although I’m the songs “Ausgesperr” – here I am displeased only the would-be nosy Nina Hagen- Imitation of the front singer – or “A question of light” – the piece I must say a big praise for the successful, almost bitchy-looking melody voice pronounce something can distract me, especially the amateur satirical lyricism of Rosenstolz ‘s songs. And that, even though the album is supposed to be a work with a lot of depth and above all melancholy. Nevertheless, I discover on pieces such as “set in the sand” at most a string of thoughts of a crying in self-pity crybaby. But it’s probably just songs that touch many of the Rosenstolz listeners in a special way.

But before I go into rage and maybe some fans of the duo with my critical opinion If I am still personally attacking, I would like to draw a conclusion at this point: For me the music of Rosenstolz is simply nothing. Missing verses or rhymes, the timbre of the front-singer, which needs getting used to, as well as the melancholic and ego-related lyrics of the songs, do not hit my mark – even from a purely musical point of view – and they look set and inauthentic. The success of the duo from the past years proves that I could stand alone with my opinion. Should AnNa R. and Peter Plate get up one day to make music together, I will not make enthusiastic jubilation, but at least I will be glad for Christopher, that he may soon hear new music from his absolute favorite band.

… And since it is Weiberfastnacht today and we are ringing in the street carnival in Cologne, I wish each one of you – whether Rosenstolz fan or not – at last a happy: Dreimol von Hätze Kölle Alaaf! Do it colorfully – but not too much!

And that sounds like this:

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