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Loud screaming and crying fans grabbing hair tufts – these are Tokio Hotel! At least for the people who are not exactly themselves fans of the four-headed band from Magdeburg. Meanwhile, Tokio Hotel have further developed their music style from pop rock sound to synth pop and have moved from Germany to Los Angeles. The cliché-tainted image still exists. Currently Tokio Hotel causes less with their music than with their love life for a stir, because guitarist Tom Kaulitz fished some time ago, the comparatively older Heidi Klum as his new girlfriend. More than 10 years ago, the whole thing was different – when the debut album “Schrei” appeared in September 2005, Tokio Hotel split the masses with their music. Young girls in particular – including our editor Yvonne – were thrilled with the extraordinary newcomers. Other listeners, such as Christopher, who did not fall into the intended target group, could rather start with the hype less. Reason enough to take a closer look at the pro and contra opinions of our editors.

Yvonne says:

No other band has had a career to struggle with as many prejudices and drawers as Tokio Hotel . Therefore, I hope very much that both Christopher and the readers of this article now clear out all their drawers and approach this plate crash completely impartially, in order to be able to understand the phenomenon “Tokio Hotel” at least a bit.

I should I was about fourteen years old when I first saw the video for “Through the Monsoon” on “VIVA Brandneu” on TV. Who are they? Tokio Hotel? Was it the shrill emo-look of singer Bill Kaulitz, who inspired me then? Or the really cheap special effects that simulated a hurricane in the music video? No, the song just seemed like a single with hit potential. The soulful beginning, the catchy chorus, the rousing finale and the always pleasantly unusual voice of Bill (admittedly a bit cute with his brown doe eyes). Soon, with “ Schrei ” I finally got hold of the debut album of the four guys from Magdeburg and even though I can not say that the record is one of my all time favorites, which I still regularly play in However, there are some songs on the debut released in 2005 that have clearly influenced my youth.

“Schrei” opens with the eponymous title track, which I suppose – just like the third song following the debut single “Live the second” – would count among my least liked tracks on the record. But even 13 years later, the first lines, the Bill sings the listener here, an inspiration for outsiders and lonely teen hearts: “You get up and get told where to go. When you’re there, you only hear what you should think. “A cry for adolescent rebellion! Bäm. Just as inspiring it goes on, always accompanied by rocking guitar sounds and powerful drums: “Live the second! Here and now, hold on to it. ”

But Tokio Hotel can also be sensitive, as the single” Save Me “proves. While I’m typing this and listening to the song by the way, I actually feel like a lonely fourteen-year-old sitting on the carpet floor of her room with heartbreak and tempo box, leafing through the bravo. The problems of the fourteen-year-olds were able to set Tokio Hotel to music just as clearly as no other young German-speaking band – as well as in the song “Staying Friends”, which settles with morons and fake friends. Also lovesickness is of course an issue and if I would call a favorite track on “scream”, so it would probably be clear “I’m not me”, which I give even today one or the other times loud with my girlfriends to the best , Emotionally it is also in “If nothing works” to the point, with which Bill has processed the death of his beloved aunt (Aunt? Or grandma? My fangirl knowledge from then I will hopefully not here in the lurch). Other family issues bring to light “against my will” – a song about the parents’ divorce.

Which brings us back to being a teenager, because let’s be honest: lovesickness, loss, family drama – who finds his former self not here in any song or at least one line again? Tokio Hotel, who were not even older then me, sing in a very authentic way exactly what thousands of kids had to endure on their own then and now. You record situations in which the Thanks to the music of Tokio Hotel, young fans finally feel understood. And that’s why “Scream” in my opinion, a terrific and above all honest album, which does not deserve to be put into a drawer with prejudice.

“Scream” ends for me already with the penultimate Song “The Last Day”, which was later retuned as a single release was released – at that time, Bill had then also made his voice break behind. The song marks the transition of the little guys from Magdeburg to the successful international superstars and is by far my favorite Tokio Hotel song of all time.

Whether I’m ashamed of celebrating Tokio Hotel and giving them a record crash to have? No, why should I. The fact that “Schrei” received more than 1.5 million copies sold in Germany alone with three gold medals probably speaks likewise for the fact that the band with their music hit a nerve of the time or the youth.

Christopher, on the other hand, finds:

When Tokio Hotel appeared on the charts, I was sixteen. At my age it was extremely uncool to find it good. Eben “children’s music”. However, I do remember that there were actually many people (I think, mostly girls) from the younger levels, who were wearing band shirts and styling members. Joa, ok. Feel free. I should admit that there was always a song that I thought was ok. However, I never really celebrated the Magdeburg boys – until 2014, when a classmate suddenly called my attention to “Girl Got a Gun”. The video is so blatant. Looked, for very appealing. The song was a little common catchy tune. In 2017, I even completely pulled in “Dream Machine” and discovered some cool numbers. THAT are Tokio Hotel? Krass. More of it!

But with “more of it” is not now. Instead, I may now deal with the first thing “ scream “, almost back to where they come from. I’ll try to judge as objectively as possible from my adult attitude what I’m hearing. Although everyone has always looked to Tokio Hotel, I have always defended them in one respect: after all, they can play instruments and have always been involved in songwriting on some songs. Many bands can not say that. So get samples directly from me. On the other hand, even though I REALLY want it, I can not really win the album. Of course, one must not forget, for whom was written here: for teenagers. The fact that the nerve was hit, showed the fan base and the media coverage. Unfortunately, I’m just too old for those few years to be addressed. The sound should sound snotty, cheeky and impulsive, but is consistently predictable and always radio-friendly. Does not hurt anyone.

No matter if pop sing-along choruses in “Live the Second” and “Through the Monsoon” or Broadband Rock Ballad in “Save Me”: the tunes are kept very simple, never demanding a second, but are still acceptable in parts, even if obtrusive choruses appear as penetrating in “scream”. Quite embarrassing it is more content in separation songs a la “friends stay”: “Lick me, […] ass face, do not take that personally, […] I do not talk like a shit like you, do not stand on the same band as you, […] you are the hottest among idiots, […] “. Hard. Bill wants his sandbox back. In addition, a few poetry books were read too much (“If nothing works”). I laughed heartily at the song title “Young and not more adult”. I still knibbele the imaginary “Parental Advisory” sticker. A single song is clear: “The last day”. In the end, album number two went in that direction. That’s good.

The biggest problem I have by far is the voice and the vocals. Luckily, Bill has come up with a different style today that is hard to b
eat for narcissism and arrogance but still has enough coolness. This hammam, bad articulating and bedroom-like snatch Anno 2005/6 really drives me crazy. I have the feeling that a child likes to tell me his heartache (“I am not me”). Just unintentionally funny. My emotions always change between stranger shame and the urge to want to help him. To take a hug, to say that everything is not so bad, but in the meantime when he felt just the razor blade sticking to his arm – that makes it so difficult and hopeless.

Conclusion: I understand that This album is important for a generation. I understand that Tokyo hotel was good. This is primarily due to the artist identities that are there on stage the style and the age of the guys and not the music. Turn off the vocals completely, the record is hardly spectacular, but just bad midfield. With Bill, listening in my eyes is almost unbearable.

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