The W, Face, Rosenstolz – Weekly Review KW 35 2018!

September is here! And with him not only cooler temperatures, but also the comeback of a German band that most editors already know almost only from stories, and new or old tracks for the hip hop faction:

The W – Praying and Screaming

With that, hardly anyone had expected: After years of announcements and constant shifts, Das W opened in the night of Sunday Monday his album “Pray and scream” digitally released. According to its own statement, it has been completed since 2013, but has not been brought to market for various reasons. While listening to the album, the suspicion arises that the shifts were not least due to the very personal lyrics. The gloomy songs are about borderline and depression, failed therapies and close, emotional relationships. The beats, often backed by piano, support the melancholic mood of the record. No light fare, but absolutely worth listening to! (Andrea)

Face – Vay Vay Vay

For a long time the hessian rapper Face, who already had the Frankfurt label at the end of 2016, remained musically quiet “Friends of No One” had joined. In the summer of this year, the young German rapper (also known as Face 63) had accompanied the “V-Tour” of his musical draw and label father Vega, who presented Face as one of his “absolute favorite rappers”, and received a lot of positive feedback. With “Vay Vay Vay” Face dropped last Friday now the first single of the 09.11. appearing debut album “K. M. A. “(potato with attitude). The track with absolute earworm potential lets the anticipation of the album rise enormously and confirms at all levels which talent Vega sees in the German rapper, who lives in the heart of Wiesbaden and imagines himself as a disturbed psychopath on “Vay Vay Vay”. The track could pass the live test on Vegas “V-Tour” in the summer in the best possible way! We can be curious. (Anna)

Rosenstolz – When it starts now

A break for an indefinite period is not a break: the once most successful pop duo Rosenstolz said goodbye in 2012 completely unexpected – just a year ago, the last studio album “Wir sind alive” came on the market, which should serve as a comeback and a positive sign of life after Peter Plates burn out. Live performances were completely missing. Now it took almost six full years until suddenly during the night from Thursday to Friday a new song was presented out of nowhere! “If it starts now” is the first track from Rosenstolz for over half a decade and directly provided countless coverage. The song is not that new – it’s actually an outtake from the last album session. After four years of radio silence, AnNa R. and Peter Plate have assembled and gone thwarted demos. Some of these have now come to an end and the very typical, yet energetic, life-affirming and rousing “when it starts now” is the first taste of this on 28.9. It will feature a total of 77 songs and more than a ton of material: all titles will be remastered, some will receive a new remix, and almost forgotten B-sides of singles and alternative versions , And yes, in addition to the song mentioned above, there are six other hitherto unknown ones. If that is not enough, you can enjoy a DVD with all music videos. Rosenstolz do not seem to have forgotten their audience. Break is not separation. (Christopher)

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