Tom Walker – What A Time To Be Alive

Finally! It took a long time to be patient, eager to wait and pass the time. Almost two years ago, Tom Walker released his song “Leave A Light On”, celebrating an intoxicating success. In 2018 he was acted by the BBC as Newcomer of the Year, released with the singles “Just You And I” and “Angels” more great songs and recently got his first BRIT Award. “What A Time To Be Alive” is now called his debut album and fully meets all of the accumulated expectations.

On fourteen songs, Tom Walker presents a huge amount of really good singer-songwriter music! He is able to portray every single song harmoniously and sensitively, shows an incredible number of facets and creates stirring moments. Already “Leave A Light On” is a terrific conceived song, which goes into knickknack, if one gets involved in it. And this happens almost automatically with Tom Walker – he sings with a passion that brings with it a lot of honesty and authenticity. Not only does he believe every word, but he feels his own emotions. Goose bumps are absolutely inevitable.
The most memorable thing turns out to be the insanely good voice of Tom Walker. This is amazingly powerful and unique. Especially the smoky undertone lends the whole thing a lot of expressiveness. His voice may resemble a particularly good mix of Passenger’s voices and the Rag’n’Bone Man in some places, but Tom Walker has a very special recognition value.

“What A Time To Be Alive” brings not only the well-tried ballads with it, but also reveals one or the other surprise. For example, “Now’You’re Gone” is one. With Zara Larsson, Tom Walker has brought one of the currently most popular pop singers on board. The voices of the two harmonize wonderfully on the track and bring with them the necessary variety. Even up-beat numbers, like the Rudimental track “Walk Alone” work very well, also bring a bit of color to the album and show above all that Tom Walker’s voice always shines. All songs of the album are also arranged with much effort and anything but intrusive. With his own style, Tom Walker pulls threads through the album, making it pretty coherent.

“What A Time To Be Alive” should not only be the album title, but also the life motto of the British. Tom Walker is in the absolute fast lane and does everything right in this sense. His debut album bursts with beautiful moments and very special songs. He always manages to inspire, writes honest lyrics and convinces with his bombastic voice. No track on “What A Time To Be Alive” seems out of place or can not be heard. Therefore, the long wait was definitely worth it!

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