Weezer – Weezer (Black Album)

Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)

In the spring of 2016, Rivers Cuomo announces with a loose tongue that his band Weezer is heading to the recent published surf rock album “Weezer (White Album)” an opposing work, which is to carry the title “Weezer (Black Album)”, wants to follow. This should be much darker than his summer feeling spewing predecessor, yes Coumo even wants to curse, what you are waiting in vain in the eleven Weezer albums so far. However, your own plan does not seem to go so far, so in October 2017 the cheerful “Pacific Daydream” will be released. The songs that were written did not fit on the “Black Album”, which is why they first wanted to release another album, the band explains. The long-awaited by the fans work but as good as finished and come soon. In March 2019, almost three years after making his fans hot on the album, the “Black Album” is finally released and in its purest form has much more in common with the Americans’ last pop tour than with any self-titled album already released color albums.

outcry! Weezer also make pop music on their twelfth studio album and adapt to the zeitgeist. Dominated in the 90s strained guitar carpets, it is now quartered piano chords as in “High As Kite”. Only the catchy choruses have been preserved. But the quartet has always been a chameleon in the pop industry, embracing almost every trend. Snappy emo-pop songs in the 90s, pop music in the early 2000s, now pop-hits that are overproduced and sometimes overburdened, threatening to shatter under the weight of production. The often somewhat clumsy Cuomo has now even adapted to the world of the Internet and leads a Weezer Meme Instagram account.

Now, however, to the ten new songs. “California Snow” is bursting with EDM piano and drum-computer fills, the verses of “Living In LA” always allow for such an electronic drop as you would find in just about any pop song these days, but the chorus digs deep into it Auditory canals and “Can not Knock The Hustle” is a true R’n’B pop number. With so much mainstream focus, it may well happen that the guitars complement rather than carry the pieces. So too in the piano-dominated “Piece Of Cake”. “I’m Just Being Honest” cuddles next to U2 and Kings Of Leon on the pop rock sofa. The mood of the songs is much more summery than you would expect in the album title. The lyrics also treat Weezer-typical areas rather than particularly gloomy ones. Already in the albumopener, however, Cuomo expresses a slightly stiff-looking “bitch”. At least the promise to curse has kept the band so.

So “Weezer (Black Album)” remains a nice pop-rock-record, especially in the second half a bit more rock than pop and the pronounced Flair of the band for melody presented, but unfortunately a little slips past the actual concept. So that’s sometimes with promises: Better not say anything than say something wrong, which then years later is no longer current. “Pacific Daydream” is more like a bridge between the white and black albums than a short trip into the California summer. Weezer, you’re forgiven.

Weezer live 2019:

02.07. – Hamburg, City Park
04.07. – Utrecht, Tivoli (NL)

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